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We regard customers'satisfaction as our goal, guarantee as meeting customers'demands and expectations and formulate the quality guiding principle:
Keeping improving to produce high-quality products
Trying our best to sets up a honest reputatio
Our company will develop new products unceasingly with advanced technology, Keep the enterprise vitality with best quality and maximal efficiency and take customer as focal point to realize our promise.
The guiding principle consistent with the company’s general operating principle, it is the important part of the company's operating principle and policy and embodies the promises of satisfying the demand and sustained improvement.
All of the various levels leader must communicate the quality guiding principle to management, execution, validation and work, and make sure all of staff understand it and carry it our firmly.
2 to realize the quality guiding principle, we formulate the general target of quality:
a) the passing rate of first validation is above 95%, the outgoing quality rate is up to 100%.
b) give Customer opinion/complaint reply as soon as possible, and handle it within one week.
c) the rate of customers'satisfaction is above 95% and strive to increase by 1% every year in three years.
Each branch which is related to quality should carry out decomposition according to general target and formulate the concrete target of this branch to guarantee to complete the general target well.

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